Árbol del Tule

The majestic and millenial "Ahuehuete" Tree, considered to have the largest trunk in the world, will impress and delight you and your family.

San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya

Visit a church built by the Dominican order in the XVI century. Famous for its decorative interior painted with natural dyes and, of course, one of the few original working organs that exist in Mexico.

Teotítlan del Valle

A Zapotec town where more than 150 families take wool, dye it naturally with vivid colors and weave incredibly beautiful, symbolic and intricate rugs on thier traditional looms.


Translated to "Place of the dead" or "Inframundo", Mitla is an important archaeological site known for it's edifices decorated with grecas and mosaics that cannot be found in any other part of the world.

Hierve el agua

A place where petrified waterfalls have been formed over thousands of years due to the high mineral content of the natural springs that lie therein. Beautiful landscapes will surround you as you enjoy a swim and some traditional Oaxacan food from one of the many stands you can find there.

Fábricas de mezcal

or "Palenques" as the locals call them, are the places to go to see how mezcal is made in the traditional way handed down from generation to generation. Sample and enjoy this typical Oaxacan drink but be careful, it packs a punch!

Orquideario La Encantada

Come and see more than 1,500 different varieties of orchids native to Oaxaca and other southern Mexican states all in one place. Located by a river in a beautiful forest of cedar and pine trees, enjoy the colors and, of course, the smells of this tantalizing place!