Monte Albán

The most important Zapotec city at the time, build strategically on top of the tallest hill in the valley and inhabited between the years of 500 B.C. to 800 A.D. Come and visit Monte Alban´s espectacular pyramids and ruins.

San Bartolo Coyotepec

A town dedicated to the creation of "Black Clay" ceramics using the traditional prehispanic kilns. Enjoy the extensive selection of vases, plates, figurines and much more hand-made by the many different indigenous families of this town.

San Martín Tilcajete

This town is dedicated to the elaboration of their famous wood carvings called "Alebrijes". Full of color, creativity, imagination and mystery, these Alebrijes will give you a real glimpse into the culture and folklore of Oaxaca.

Cuilapam de Guerrero

A dominican convent dating back to the XVI century known for it's open chapel or what is locally called the "Chapel of the indians". Allow yourself to be transported back hundreds of years into Oaxaca's rich and often times enigmatic history.