About Us

We are a family business 100% dedicated to delivering you the most magical experience of Oaxaca possible. So come and allow us to take you on a tour in Oaxaca and share with you our colorful traditions, our diverse culture, our delicious food, our spectacular archaelogical sites and, of course, the warmth of our people.
We believe that you can never learn enough so we constantly strive to increase our knowledge base in order to provide you with a deeper and more meaningful experience when you come to our home that is Oaxaca. We focus on creating a friendly and familiar enviornment whether we are going to visit the many archaeological sites, the workshops of our amazingly creative and talented artists or just to a eat at a local restaurant.
We pride ourselves on our high values as a family which naturally extends to our a company. We emphasize respect, friendship, sincerity, patience and responsability and as such we offer you a complete service with certified guides and licensed drivers that will assure you a safe and memorable time here in Oaxaca. All our lives we have been a part of beautiful Oaxaca and to be allowed to share our lifetime of experience with you and your family will be our greatest priviledge. Make your reservation now, click here.